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Hi! We are the best NY & NYC flat-rate moving company. We serve New York, New York City & The Tri-State area (anything to/from NY, NJ, CT). We provide great flat-rate and hourly pricing. We hire only top-notch, clean-cut movers (hence the name). We’ve been moving New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island and the Tri-State area for over 8 years!

We provide residential and commercial moving services. We do local and long distance moving 365 days a year. We also do labor-only moving when clients do not require a moving truck. Need last minute movers? Need cheap movers? Need flat-rate movers? Need a man with a van? Count on Clean Cut Movers!

Clean Cut Movers


Our movers are clean-cut gentleman whom will show up ready to handle your move like a pro. 6th floor walk-up? Children? Pets? Not a problem!



We only hire employees whom have experience in the moving industry. We do not hire convicts, day-laborers, or sketchy individuals like many other companies.



Since we charge a flat-rate most of the time rather than an hourly rate and our movers are paid percentage, our employees work more efficiently than other movers.


Five star movers in NEW YORK — when do you ever see that? Reasonable prices, responsive staff, wonderful day-of moving experience.
— Pamela K, Yelp Elite Member

I highly recommend Clean Cut Movers! I moved 40 blocks south with a truck full of bedroom furniture and boxes at a fantastic flat rate. They had everything relocated from an elevator building to a 4 floor walkup in an hour and a half! I had been dreading the moving process but using Clean Cut Movers made it incredibly easy. Thank you!!
— Jaime H, Yelp Elite Member

Today, I moved again... for the FOURTH time since I came to NY. And yes, I used these guys for a fourth time. They were AT my apartment in East Williamsburg BY 9:00 AM. On a Saturday. They unloaded the truck, helped me put my furniture exactly where I needed it (they even let me unroll my area rug so that I wouldn’t have to move furniture around to accommodate it later), and assembled my bed for me. I unpacked my boxes later, and saw again that nothing was broken, nothing was forgotten, and nothing was missing. Everything was executed flawlessly. I seriously have no idea what I would have done without them. They always come through. I was joking with them today: moving is objectively just a pain. I’m always crabby, and anxious, and tired.

Thanks for such a fantastic job again, guys.
— Jacqueline K, Yelp Elite Member

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