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Hi! We are the best NY & NYC flat price moving company. We serve New York, New York City & The Tri-State area (anything to/from NY, NJ, CT). We provide great flat price and hourly pricing. We hire only top-notch, clean-cut movers (hence the name). We’ve been moving New York, Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island, the Bronx, Long Island and the Tri-State area for over 8 years!

We provide residential and commercial moving services. We do local and long distance moving 365 days a year. We also do labor-only moving when clients do not require a moving truck. Need last minute movers? Need cheap movers? Need flat-price movers? Need a man with a van? Count on Clean Cut Movers!

Clean Cut Movers


Our movers are clean-cut gentleman whom will show up ready to handle your move like a pro. 6th floor walk-up? Children? Pets? Not a problem!



We only hire employees whom have experience in the moving industry. We do not hire convicts, day-laborers, or sketchy individuals like many other companies.



Since we charge a flat price most of the time rather than an hourly rate and our movers are paid percentage, our employees work more efficiently than other movers.


Five star movers in NEW YORK — when do you ever see that? Reasonable prices, responsive staff, wonderful day-of moving experience.
— Pamela K, Yelp Elite Member

I highly recommend Clean Cut Movers! I moved 40 blocks south with a truck full of bedroom furniture and boxes at a fantastic flat price. They had everything relocated from an elevator building to a 4 floor walkup in an hour and a half! I had been dreading the moving process but using Clean Cut Movers made it incredibly easy. Thank you!!
— Jaime H, Yelp Elite Member

Today, I moved again... for the FOURTH time since I came to NY. And yes, I used these guys for a fourth time. They were AT my apartment in East Williamsburg BY 9:00 AM. On a Saturday. They unloaded the truck, helped me put my furniture exactly where I needed it (they even let me unroll my area rug so that I wouldn’t have to move furniture around to accommodate it later), and assembled my bed for me. I unpacked my boxes later, and saw again that nothing was broken, nothing was forgotten, and nothing was missing. Everything was executed flawlessly. I seriously have no idea what I would have done without them. They always come through. I was joking with them today: moving is objectively just a pain. I’m always crabby, and anxious, and tired.

Thanks for such a fantastic job again, guys.
— Jacqueline K, Yelp Elite Member

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